Socio-demographic profile of patients in a clinical Peritoneal Dialysis of Sergipe, Brazil

V. S. Santos, A. C. F. Abud, J. A. B. Alves, A. S. T. Daltro, V. T. G. Santos, V. L. C. Feitosa, F. P. Reis


Peritoneal Dialysis is a method of renal replacement therapy which uses the peritoneum as a semipermeable membrane, removing solutes accumulated in the blood. The aim of study was to describe the socio-demographic profile of patients who underwent treatment for DP between January/ 2005 to December/2008 in a clinical state of Sergipe. Data were obtained from the clinic's electronic medical record. There was a predominance of males, mulattoes, and good old school, and that hypertension and
diabetes are the major co-morbidities. We conclude that meet the profile of patients is important for the planning of educational activities.


Kidney Disease; Peritoneal Dialysis; Epidemiology

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